So, when the kids were younger after Davis and Hallie had gotten a good report card (Mae was still possibly in a stroller) we created the K.A.P. Day program. Kid Appreciation Program. Essentially it was our way of celebrating all the great things they do week in and week out and it was a great way to spend a day together. If I recall, on the first KAP Day we told them cryptically that we were having a special day called a KAP Day (blank stares) and that it started with lunch Uptown. After dining on old school burgers and dogs at Green’s Lunch. We then proceeded to surprise them with a trip to see the Barnum & Bailey Circus at Time Warner Cable Arena. I’m not sure who had more fun at the circus, the kids or us. Post circus I think we went bowling and then out to dinner. Needless to say a very fun day full of memories.
Fast forward too many years and too few KAP Days. Not because they aren’t still exceptional (biased), but more that it’s so rare for us to have an entire day free of games, dance, practice, travel, etc. Early June gave us one of those days and boy did we go for it.
Stop #1 – IHOP – yes, I know this seems weird but all three of the kiddos wanted it and it’s soooooo goood

Stop #2 – Putt-Putt Golf – always a family favorite and probably the only thing I wish we had at our Olmstead beach vacation. 

Stop #3 – K1 Speed Go Karts – this place was pretty slick and cost a pretty penny but was definitely out of our comfort zone. We ran two “races” and everyone acquitted themselves really well. We only had one call for on-track help and by the end of the 2nd race on the tighter course I think Hallie and Mae were getting the hang of it. Of course, the best part of it was that we all got to look like knights of the round table with our “included” head socks. Given our house wide aversion to Pediculus humanus capitis, we were stoked to wear those puppies. BTW, electric go karts are pretty cool and I like them way better than the fumes of the gas variety.

Stop #4 – We hit Uptown and checked out First Ward Park including the oversized, outdoor exercise equipment (?), fountains and Google Fiber building (why do they have a building if they aren’t offering service….I once had high hopes) before heading to the 7th Street Public Market for dinner (IHOP was a long time ago at this point!). We’ve tried to go to this place before (once notably when they were randomly closed when Meemo & Poppy were in town). Between the grilled cheese (Mae), sushi (Paige), crepe (Hallie), burgers (Davis, Sean) and assorted beverages (Tank’s Tap was cold and refreshing) we pretty much paid each vendor some amount of money. Vibe was cool and we’ll add it our list of fun places to go. It’s like an upscale mall food court with a couple of fun shops to check out.

Stop #5 – Escape Kings – Kings Quest – OK, so in retrospect perhaps we should have done a bit more research on the different outfits in town. This was the first foray into an escape room experience for 3 of us as Hallie and Davis had done others previously. We had high hopes of getting out in record time and with our 3 hints intact. Not so fast buster. The fella who did the verbal intro was a little out there and for the uninitiated it was hard to understand what was a “clue” and what was just nonsense. The room was dark and clearly there are cameras all over the place so they can help you. I’m sure we looked as silly as others, but we got into a groove before getting stymied the first time. I do believe this is one of those things where experience would be beneficial. Eventually, we figured most of it out and used all three hints and “escaped” with about 1 minute to spare. We’ll go to another one, but probably one like Davis’ went to in Chattanooga that had secret doors and magic lockers in the walls.

After nearly 10 hours being out and about, we headed home happy for all the fun we had and glad that we could spend that much time together uninterrupted. We certainly hope another KAP day gets scheduled sooner than it took this one to get on the books.